JAMM Active Educational Foundation: A nationally recognized non-profit organization focused on using educational resources and sponsorship for social betterment of the youth.


Not only do we care about our products, we also cherish the context in which our products are made. We strictly adhere to local labor laws and international human rights norms set by organizations such as Fair Labor Association (FLA).

We care about the well-bring of the local communities in which we conduct our business. We endorse participation in community service and encourage our team to participate in sponsorship and charitable activities through financial support of the foundation.

Some the things we do:

  • Assistance for underprivileged minorities

  • Innovation training for young students

  • Scholarships for academic pursuits

  • Sponsorship of educational cultural activities

  • Collaboration with industry, government & academic institutions to help youth obtain employment.

Impact our Community

JAMM Active Educational foundation: A non-profit institution, through educational resources and sponsorship to enhance the improvement of society.

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